E-Commerce Solutions

Complete Ecommerce Business Process


Web Hosting

  • High Security
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Unlimited Space

Campaign Management

  • Gifts Card
  • Coupons
  • Loyalty Points
  • Push Notification

Payment Services

  • Order Management
  • Purchasing
  • Invoicing
  • Payment Flexibility-Multiple Payment Option

Logistic Services

  • Pickup & Delivery
  • Quick Order Tracking

Inventory Management

  • Reporting and Daily Analysis
  • Customer Services
  • Loyalty Management


  • 3rd Party plugins
  • Apps
  • Flexible & Scalable
  • Data Backup System

Training & After Launch Technical Support

  • Support increase shopping demand including technology upgrades

Online Store Development

  • Product Management
  • User Management
  • Catalog Management
  • Content Management
  • Cross Sell & Up Sell
  • Simple Navigation
  • Control on look & design

How Can We Help You ?

  • We provide you Web and Mobile App in a package
  • We will listen your requirement carefully
  • We analyze your requirement & let you know the time duration and costing for development of your project
  • When you finalize with us, we will send you the By-default Ecommerce Web and Mobile App file to you
  • We will upload our By-default file on your local or on your provided Domain
  • We will start developing or implementing your given Design and Features live
  • You can see progress of your work live on daily basis
  • After accomplishment your project, we will train you to operate it
  • As per your given time, we will launch it
  • We will facilitate you "after sales technical support"
  • You can copyright your Custom Web and Mobile App

Affordable Costing with Simple Steps

  • We take minimum upfront and send file to you
  • We take half payment after completing 80% of work
  • We take final half payment within 7 days of delivering of project to you

Available Features

Catalog Management


Manage categories and subcategories by options such as sorting, filter category by brand, price, availability


Manage brands and brand logos, also can set brands 'active' or 'inactive'


Add products to a single category or multiple categories and choose product's brand, product field include name, SKU, product details, additional details, list price, your price, weight, stock, minimum quantity order amount, handling fee and more.

Content Management


Create New Content pages and manage content by editing option, additionally can manage image library of uploaded images and also edit image by cropping tool


Manage blog posts by setting publish date and active or inactive, even can add images and manage uploaded image library

Homepage Banners

Set Home page banner in order to manage it easily


For user-friendly and easily manageable navigation

Auto Email Messages

Easily manage email template design and set message for thank you and blog comment submission

Review Management

Manage product reviews and set review to approve or delete

Comment Management

Manage product comments and set comment to approve or delete

Customer Management

Can easily manage customer's account, reset customer's password, view customers product review also can export customers to Excel

Order Management

Create and manage custom order status, view shipping and billing address maps even can add private notes the order

Discount & Promotion Management

Create and manage discount codes, can set code as 'active' or 'inactive' also will be able minimum and maximum quantity requirements for discount codes even set number of times code can be used before automatically becoming inactive



Ability to change dashboard statistics to reflect specific date ranges, Interactive administrative dashboard with charts and statistics

Single Reports

Single reports, outside of the dashboard, include sales by date range, top selling product by date range, and low inventory by quantity and new customer by date range

SEO Management

Dynamic Titles

Dynamic title tag structure can be managed throughout the website and also can configure dynamic title and METS tags for brand pages, product pages, category and sub-categories

Specific Titles & Meta Information

Set unique title, META tags and URL information for specific content pages, category, brand or product pages


Shipping Options

Live shipping rates based on shipping address utilizing UPS, USPS and FedEx, set store static shipping rates based on weight, dollar amount and zone even can set shipping discount codes and promotions, free shipping on individual products also can activate and deactivate shipping carriers

Payment Options

Provides Cart Functionality with Payment Gateway, payment types like activate and deactivate are available

Taxes & Locations

Can set shipping zone per state or province and also can activate and deactivate countries, manage countries avaliable, tax-rates for each US State or Canadian province by percentage

Email Configuration

Set email server configuration and store email address during development

Administration Users

Add and delete administration logins with name, email and password

Seller Dashboard

Business Details and Bank Account Details of seller while registering as a vendor, also option to upload documents while updating Business & Bank details will be given

Seller Panel

Can add an option to Upload Listing Template for Quality Check and also can track QC status

Highlighted Features

  • User login
  • Wish list
  • My Order
  • Address Book
  • Manage Profile
  • Compare Product
  • Wallet Passbook
  • Wallet to Wallet Transfer
  • Easy Checkout
  • Invoice Download
  • Manage Menu
  • Offer Count Down
  • Email Invoice
  • News Letter Subscription
  • Live Chat
  • Product detail with zoom effect
  • Compare Price with multi vendor
  • Rating / Review
  • Best Seller Section
  • SMS alert
  • Recommended Section
  • Last View Section
  • New Arrival Section
  • Filter Product
  • Sort Product
  • Email Notification

Seller Sign Up

  • KYC seller
  • Manage product
  • Manager order
  • Shipping & Return Management

Admin Panel

  • Add/manage employee
  • Seller approval
  • Seller manage
  • Order manage
  • Product manage
  • Tax manage
  • Front Management
  • Product Offer management
  • Category Management
  • Brand management
  • Report
  • Front End page content management
  • Shipping management
  • Live chat management
  • News Letter Send
  • Reward point

Advanced Upcoming Features

  • Facebook Store
  • Multiple Free Templates
  • HTML | CSS Editing
  • Unlimited Static Pages & product search fillers
  • Multi Lingual
  • Customizable Navigation
  • Theme based upon device, location or customer group
  • Minimum & Maximum Order Quantity
  • Catalogue only mode
  • Inventory Management
  • Embedded Videos in Product Description
  • Compare and selling price
  • Product Comparison
  • Call for enquiry option
  • Delivery time slot and date selection
  • Bulk addition, deletion and update of products

Orders & Checkout

  • Abandoned Cart
  • Single Page Checkout
  • Product update on order page
  • Use store credits to place order
  • Custom checkout opt fields
  • Order Tracking
  • Re-Order
  • Custom Order ID
  • Offline Orders

Multi Seller

  • Multi Store
  • Linked Products One product being sold my multiple sellers
  • Seller Rating
  • Seller Commissions and Calculator
  • Seller Ledger and Invoices
  • Seller Based Shipping
  • Seller Profile Page

Mobile App

  • IOS App
  • App only discounts
  • Mobile Push Notifications
  • Push Notification History
  • Device Based Themes - Have a different theme for Mobile
  • Content based upon device
  • Integration on with popular mobile apps like Whatsapp
  • Track mobile visitors

Logistics & Shipping

  • Check availability plug-in for pincode coverage
  • International Shipping
  • Sync & import orders for shipping through system
  • Discounted Shipping Rates
  • Automated Shipping with Shipment tacking

Manage Payments

  • Payment through Prepaid wallets, store credits
  • Multiple Currencies supported
  • Integrated with Mobikwik, PayTM wallet, Paypal and Pay with Amazon
  • Custom Tax. Rules
  • Performance and Analytics Tools
  • Mull-Tier discounting and advanced

B2B Features

  • Price Overrides
  • Wholesale and Retail Prices
  • Mandatory Log-in
  • Restricted access and Customer Approval flow
  • Bulk-order processing
  • Request a call back or bulk inquiries

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